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Carlos Queso Madness. Every day of the NCAA Tourney.

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you dip the chip.

Pay by the Round on Carlos Famous Queso and Legendary MugO'Ritas! Every day of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. You pay the "price of the round" on small Queso and the "price of the round + a buck" on our MugO'Ritas. Round of 64, it's 64¢ Queso and $1.64 MugOs! Round of 32...Yep...32¢ Queso and $1.32 MugOs! All the way to 2¢ Queso!

So whether you're bracket's busted or your team keeps dancing, celebrate all the action at Carlos O'Kelly's.

And remember, brackets come and go...but Queso is forever.